“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

So, I’ve kind of calmed down after the hype of Beauty and the Beast, I say kind of as I’m still excited over the announcement of the live-action Lion King release date, bring on July 2019. So now I’m just going to be excited and impatient until The Lion King hits cinemas! Until then I do have my trip to London coming up where I’ll being seeing The Lion King Musical! 😊

Now, back to why we love Disney.

After doing some research into what it is we love about Disney so much, the results were no surprise to me at all. As well as this blog, I am also writing an investigative report into the same issue and have carried out both primary and secondary research into the reasons why Disney have attracted so many fans of all different ages. I discussed previously some of the secondary research I discovered on what people love so much and what keeps bringing them back for more, the music, the romance and the characters, but now I have my own research into the topic.

After sending out some questionnaires, holding a focus group and interviewing a Disney Cast Member I was not disappointed with the results I found and the opinions of others on this topic. Participants were of mixed ages and consisted of diehard Disney fans as well as people who barely had an opinion on the brand, and the results were all virtually the same. Whether you’re a fan of Disney or not people seem to have the same feelings towards it and have the same experiences with the brand.

After interviewing a Disney Cast Member who clearly shares the same love for Disney that I have, I found that the data collected matched my own personal opinions perfectly. Being of a similar age the Disney Renaissance definitely impacted our lives and the way we feel towards Disney. Not only has this research given me an insight into the opinions of others it lets me see the similarities in the way we feel when we think of the brand or how we feel when watching one of the movies. The power Disney has over us regardless of our age is phenomenal, we return to our childish selves when experiencing Disney whether it be through a movie or through one of the many resorts.

As well as the interview, the focus group and questionnaires provided me with a great insight into the perception people have of the brand. As well as Disney being enjoyed by many adults, these same adults also admitted to sharing Disney with their children and will continue to do so for generations and long after Disney is gone, as if that will ever happen. The age of participants wasn’t clear from the answers provided showing that age doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying Disney, 5 years old or 50 years old we love it all the same. Our love for Disney doesn’t go away as we get older, it just changes. Growing up my favourite Disney movies were, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King and I can proudly say this has not changed, the list has only gotten bigger, but those two movies are still in that list and probably always will be.

Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts on Disney and my blog. Maybe you’ll find someone with the exact same opinion as your own.

Claire 😊


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