“Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end.”

Hi guys, so the purpose of this blog has not only been as a college project to run a blog, the topic I have chosen to discuss has also been part of another piece of coursework, one which is finally due, my investigation into what it is we love so much about Disney, as adults and children. So, as well as sharing with you all why I think Disney is so popular I have been carrying out some research into these reasons which I discussed a little with you in my last post.

So far, I have conducted both primary and secondary research and found lots of interesting information, some of which I expected to find, some not so much. The main reason that seems to have cropped up on all areas of research has been the nostalgic feeling people get when watching Disney, the childhood memories that seem to come back to us. It’s certainly one of the feelings I get when watching older Disney movies, the ones I spent my childhood watching repeatedly. Not only has this blog and investigation lead me to research things I didn’t already know about Disney, it has opened my mind to the reasons the company is still so big nearly 100 years later. The things that Walt himself went through to give us the Disney we all know and love so much today.

So, to conclude all my findings, it’s been the very reason I have discussed with you all along, nostalgia. Children watch the movies for the perfect fairy tales and the joy and happiness they get from such magical stories where as we as adults simply watch them to remind ourselves of the simpler, happier times in our lives when we were children with no worries or stresses. To bring us hope in our lives and remind ourselves also of that happiness and sometimes to cheer ourselves up like they did as children. When asked in a survey of words that come to mind when thinking of Disney, the majority of respondents answered with magical or happily, ever after confirming that we watch these movies for the magical stories and the happiness in them to help us forget the stress of being grown up.

Nostalgia, the perfect reason in my eyes to love something so much. Regardless of what Disney movie I watch there will always be a time in my childhood that will come to mind, even if it’s just simply remembering sitting watch the film there is always a memory and even with the newer movies. I can still remember the first time I watched Frozen after it came out, I really did feel like a 5-year-old again watching it, I still do and I watch all Disney movies with a smile on my face again like a 5-year-old seeing it for the first time. The Disney Renaissance, it was definitely the perfect time to be growing up.

As always feel free to ask me any questions regarding my posts, or about Disney and my research.

Claire 😊


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